Inform Fleet Ft and Rabbit to Cease Selling Milk Marathon

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Operating gear corporations Fleet Ft and Rabbit have partnered with Each Girl’s Marathon, an occasion organized and funded by the dairy trade. Make no mistake: It’s an try to make use of the idea of girls’s empowerment to persuade ladies to purchase extra cow’s milk for themselves and their households despite the fact that dairy is a product of intense exploitation of feminine anatomy and motherhood. Please urge Fleet Ft and Rabbit to rethink their help for this misleading occasion instantly!

Cows are clever, socially complicated people who develop friendships over time and generally even maintain grudges in opposition to different cows who deal with them badly. They produce milk solely once they’re pregnant or nursing, similar to human moms. Utilizing what trade insiders have known as a “rape rack,” farmworkers sexually assault cows by impregnating them through a syringe shoved into their vagina to drive them to turn into pregnant and produce milk. Their calves are taken from them quickly after they’re born so farmers can steal their milk and promote it to shoppers. This causes each the mom and child excessive misery. Mom cows on dairy farms can usually be heard bellowing for his or her infants for days.

The worth of a cow on a dairy farm is completely tied to the trade’s exploitation of her reproductive system. If she will’t get pregnant and lactate, she is taken into account ineffective to the trade and is killed. It’s absurdly hypocritical for the dairy trade to arrange a marathon that honors ladies when its total enterprise is constructed on exploiting females.

And cows aren’t the one ones that suffer due to the dairy trade. People aren’t meant to drink cow’s milk, so it isn’t shocking that roughly 70% of the human inhabitants and thousands and thousands of Individuals, together with as much as 80% of African and Latine Individuals, are lactose illiberal. Consuming dairy raises an individual’s threat of creating most cancers, diabetes, coronary heart illness, and different severe sicknesses.

The dairy trade is determined to get ladies again to consuming cow’s milk, and Fleet Ft and Rabbit are propping up this merciless, filthy trade by supporting the grossly misleading Each Girl’s Marathon.

Please urge Fleet Ft and Rabbit to rethink their promotion of this hypocritical, anti-female occasion.

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