Tomah, Wisconsin

Sec. 8-57. – Animal care.

No individual proudly owning or chargeable for confining or impounding any animal could fail to supply the animal with correct shelter as prescribed on this part. With regard to animals maintained or confined throughout the company limits of town, the next requirements shall apply:

(3) Area requirements. Minimal house necessities for each indoor and out of doors enclosures for animals aside from canine shall embrace:

  1. Canine tethering restrictions.
  2. Excessive climate. No canine shall be tethered outdoors within the case of maximum climate, climate advisory, or when a harmful storm is approaching. No canine shall be tethered outdoors when temperatures attain above 85° [Fahrenheit] and beneath 35° Fahrenheit.


  1. Nighttime tethering restrictions. No canine shall be tethered outdoors between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
  2. On-off daytime tether ratio 4:1. No canine will probably be tethered for greater than 4 consecutive hours with out being offered a minimal of 1 hour off-tether for train and socialization.

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