Birds Crushed to Dying at Exploitative Parakeet Aviaries


Think about you’re a standard shell parakeet—additionally referred to as a budgie—in fixed hazard of being crushed to dying or badly injured by people. Bred into existence for leisure and confined to a crowded cage, you’re compelled to endure a repetitive battle for survival day by day. Parakeet aviaries in roadside zoos and at gala’s typically topic birds to those horrific circumstances.

parakeets on a crowded branch in a SeaQuest enclosure in Utah

Harmful, Exploitative Parakeet Aviaries and Why to Keep away from Them

Interactive budgie aviaries, the place guests can enter and feed the birds, typically fall quick in offering the animals with satisfactory area, perches, nest bins, and enrichment to permit them to have interaction in regular, pure conduct. Severely crowded circumstances make it difficult for employees to watch the well being, welfare, and security of the birds, notably throughout interactions with the general public.

Current Important Citations

The U.S. Division of Agriculture has issued crucial citations to roadside zoos reminiscent of York’s Wild Kingdom in Maine and Wilstem Wildlife Park in Indiana, the place the company famous incidents involving guests stepping on parakeets. These incidents resulted in critical hurt or dying, emphasizing the necessity for improved security measures in aviaries.

a crowd of parakeets by customers' feet at SeaQuest Las Vegas

Considerations With SeaQuest

SeaQuest places, together with SeaQuest Littleton in Colorado and SeaQuest Las Vegas, have confronted criticism for exploiting budgies.

In an incident at SeaQuest Littleton reported to Colorado officers, a toddler kicked, stomped on, and killed 5 birds, injuring different birds, too. State inspectors from the Colorado Division of Agriculture denied the ability a allow after it failed a number of prelicensing inspections. Officers had considerations concerning the chicken exhibit, which they mentioned was “doubtlessly harmful” for the animals. SeaQuest Littleton then transferred about 80 parakeets to a teenage worker—whose household marketed them on-line—and the birds got away without spending a dime in a ironmongery store parking zone.

At SeaQuest Las Vegas, a whistleblower alleged that kids had stomped on and killed birds there, too, and that staff had thrown the lifeless animals into the rubbish.

a crowd of parakeets by two children's feet at Houston Interactive Aquarium

Touring Parakeet Aviaries

When a touring exhibitor referred to as Nice Parakeet Journey appeared at a competition in Kansas, a customer reported issues with it to PETA: They witnessed individuals stepping on and holding birds, in addition to a door being slammed on parakeets’ toes. The customer claimed that a number of birds had been injured, no less than two had been killed, and one flew away.

When interactive budgie displays happen at gala’s and festivals, witnesses report discovering parakeets unfastened close to the occasion websites, seemingly having escaped from their enclosures.

Parakeets Are Folks, Too: Understanding Budgies

Each parakeet is a novel particular person with distinct traits and conduct, together with affectionate gestures, which underscores the significance of respecting their intrinsic wants. They don’t belong in exploitative aviaries being poked and prodded by people—as in the event that they had been mere objects.

  • The time period parakeet truly refers to 115 completely different chicken species, all of whom are small seed-eating parrots with lengthy, tapering tails and slender builds. The commonest species of parakeet is the budgie.

crowded parakeet enclosure full of birds and humans at Austin Aquarium

  • They ceaselessly exist in massive flocks of as much as a number of hundred members.
  • They’re extremely energetic and want ample area to fly about. In any other case, they could turn into annoyed, which may trigger aggression towards different birds.

parakeets in a crowded, tiny, dirty cage with dirty water at Mount Hope Auction

  • Budgies’ throat spots mirror ultraviolet gentle and may distinguish particular birds. This reflective sheen additionally performs a task in parakeets’ courtship and mating.
  • In nature, they’re nomadic. Meals and water availability determines their motion.
  • Budgies present affection by feeding and preening one another.
  • As soon as a feminine has begun warming her unhatched infants, she solely leaves her nest to alleviate herself, stretch, and get fast meals, though by then, her mate nearly completely feeds her.
  • Budgies sing and may mimic sounds round them.
  • In nature, parakeets can dwell as much as 15 or 20 years.

a crowd of parakeets at a staff member's feet and on their arm at a SeaQuest enclosure in Virginia

  • They feed on seeds from quite a lot of crops, together with spinifex grass, saltbush, and acacia. They’re identified to forage for meals in flocks and infrequently feed on the bottom.

parakeets in a crowded enclosure with inadequate branches to perch on, at a SeaQuest in Texas

Take a Stand for Parakeets

Keep away from visiting roadside zoos and collaborating in encounters with animals, together with birds. Advocate for the moral remedy of budgies by urging the SeaQuest chain to cease utilizing them and different species for leisure. Assist guarantee a compassionate, respectful surroundings for these clever and social animals:


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