Crafting Change: Kenyan Girls Beading for Wildlife Coexistence


The Cincinnati Zoo has realized the way to be conservationists by following the lead of specialists who coexist with wildlife, the South Rift Affiliation of Landowners (SORALO).  

SORALO is within the South Rift Area of Kenya. On this space of Kenya, wildlife (comparable to elephants and lions) and folks coexist sharing the identical areas and sources. Wildlife are nonetheless in a position to transfer freely throughout the panorama and by doing so improve the connectivity between Mara-Serengeti and Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystems. SORALO is working to make sure this stays the case.    

The ladies on this panorama are important to sustaining the tradition of the Maasai. In supporting the normal way of life of the Maasai, you’re supporting wildlife conservation. 

“The Olkiramatian Reto Girls’s group is made up of 210 girls which can be primarily makers of beaded ornaments, since that is our custom as Maasai. We make beaded ornaments for our personal use and likewise on the market,” says the chief of this group Chairlady Sirote ene Tipatet.  


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