Learn how to Prepare dinner Brown Rice

One of the best ways to cook dinner brown rice is dependent upon what kind of brown rice you’ve got – and I cooked a LOT of brown rice to determine this out! Do you know brown basmati rice cooks in half the time of lengthy grain, and quick grain brown rice is healthier baked than cooked on the range?

BIGGEST TIP – ignore the packet instructions, DO NOT use the absorption technique. And make this Brown Rice Salad!

How to cook brown rice

Learn how to cook dinner brown rice (completely)

It is a recipe for easy methods to cook dinner brown rice so it’s fluffy and tumbles out of the pot like THIS ↓↓

The problem with cooking brown rice is that it has a more durable hull than white rice, being the nutritious bran layer than is left on throughout milling. So all too typically, recipes will lead you down a path to both overcooked mushy surfaces with cooked insides, OR the floor may be excellent however the inside remains to be laborious.

The brown rice cook dinner time varies drastically relying on what kind of brown rice you’ve got.

Effectively, you may ignore all these different recipes you’ve used previously. That is all you must find out about easy methods to cook dinner brown rice completely and constantly, each single time:

  1. Decide what kind of rice you’ve obtained; and

  2. Prepare dinner it based on the desk beneath:

How to cook brown rice

Utilizing these strategies, your brown rice shall be….

  • Completely cooked all through – not overcooked and mushy, nor undercooked within the center;

  • Could have a superbly cooked floor that’s neither gummy/slimy, nor unpleasantly moist and soggy;

  • Could have the slight chew that we love about brown rice, from the layer of bran that’s stored on throughout milling – the great things, the flavour and diet!

  • Might be superbly fluffy – for those who used medium/lengthy grain or basmati rice; or

  • Might be a bit sticky and clump collectively as meant – for those who used quick grain rice.

In case you don’t know what kind of brown rice you’ve got, match it as finest you may to the photographs above.

Raw brown rice

Boil and Drain Technique

Use this for: medium grain, lengthy grain and brown basmati rice.

Overview: This technique is for lengthy rice grains that cook dinner up fluffy and separated, fairly than clumping collectively. The speedy boiling retains the grains agitated so that they don’t stick collectively. This “laborious and quick” boil technique is good to cook dinner by means of the robust, nutritious bran layer on the skin of brown rice.

How to cook brown rice

The Boil and Drain technique is rather like cooking pasta – with one essential distinction: resting. When the rice is drained, you’ll discover the grains are unpleasantly soggy. Whenever you return it to the pot and go away it coated for 10 minutes, the grains will take up the surplus water and rework into fluffy perfection!

Boiling instances:

A KEY STEP many recipes get improper

Take care to shake off extra water properly once you drain the rice, and to tip out each drop of water from the pot so it steams dry with the residual warmth. When you have a slick of water left on the bottom of the pot once you tip the rice again in, the rice will take up that water and find yourself over bloated.

Additionally, ensure that to place the pot again on the turned off range whereas the rice is resting. That additional little little bit of residual warmth will assist the rice “steam dry” to perfection.

That is brown basmati rice that’s been cooked utilizing the Boil and Drain technique:

Pot of freshly cooked Brown Rice - Basmati Rice
Freshly cooked Brown Basmati Rice. You’ll be able to inform from the best way the pile is sitting that the grains are separated and fluffy!

Baking Technique

Use this for: quick grain. Additionally superb for medium grain and lengthy grain (although Boil and Drain is healthier for these).

Overview: Glorious totally fingers off technique to evenly cook dinner by means of brown rice. Marginal bits of crispy brown rice on the rim of the floor, but it surely doesn’t trouble me within the slightest. (The truth is, I wish to decide them off for myself!)

How to cook brown rice

This massively missed technique of baking rice is good as a result of the baking vessel will not be in direct contact with the heating factor (like with stovetop cooking) so that you don’t have to fret a couple of scorched base, and the lengthy, gradual 75 minute cook dinner time permits for the robust outer layer of the brown rice to cook dinner by means of completely.

Key Step: BOILING water

It is very important use BOILING water not chilly faucet water for the baked technique. In any other case it takes a very good quarter-hour or so for the water to warmth up sufficient to start out cooking the rice throughout which the rice is simply wallowing and bloating in heat water, leading to mushy rice.

Baked brown short grain rice
Pot of completely cooked baked brown rice. Discover how the rice grains look extra sticky and clump collectively than the picture above of the basmati rice that are extra separated.

NO to the Absorption Technique!

The Absorption Technique of cooking rice is the strategy whereby rice and water is put in a saucepan and cooked over low warmth so the rice absorbs the water, and it’s NOT drained. That is how I cook dinner all white rice – on a regular basis rice in addition to Jasmin and Basmati.

Whereas it can work for those who soak the rice for two hours, then cook dinner on a low warmth for half-hour, I concluded that it was not the very best nor easiest way for brown rice due to the next

  1. It’s tough to realize consistency – typically the rice comes out fairly good, cooked by means of with a pleasant floor on every grain. However typically, it got here out with a slimy or gummy floor which is actually disagreeable. An ideal result’s extremely prone to minor variations in pot measurement and range energy. I additionally obtained associates to attempt, and had blended outcomes;

  2. Inferior to Boil & Drain or Baking – even once I “nailed it”, the rice isn’t pretty much as good as utilizing the Boil & Drain or Baking Strategies. The rice within the decrease a part of the pot was all the time extra moist and barely softer than supreme.

Conclusion: give the absorption technique a miss!

Why is it so laborious to cook dinner brown rice utilizing the Absorption Technique?

As a result of brown rice grains have a tough diet hull (the bran layer which is eliminated for white rice). That is more durable and takes longer to cook dinner. It is extremely laborious to seek out the right steadiness utilizing the low-heat absorption technique such that the laborious hull is completely cooked in the identical time it takes for the within cooks by means of. All too typically, you find yourself overcooking the hull as a way to cook dinner the center (ie mushy outsides), or undercooked laborious inside with completely cooked outsides.

Right here’s a “profitable” pot of brown rice cooked utilizing the Absorption Technique. It’s laborious to inform from a photograph, however these rice grains had been softer and much much less fluffier than utilizing the Boil & Drain Technique AND Baking Technique (that is medium grain brown rice).

Pot of freshly cooked brown rice
Pot of brown rice cooked utilizing the absorption technique which I don’t suggest (learn above for why).

Several types of brown rice

Technically, any rice that doesn’t have the hull eliminated is a brown rice, so this consists of issues like crimson rice, black rice and many others. However for the aim of this recipe, I’m protecting the 4 widespread kinds of brown rice (all pictured in graphic at high of submit):

  • Quick grain brown rice rice – quick and stubby, this cooks up sticky so the grains clump collectively, making it supreme to choose up with chopsticks and use for issues like sushi the place you need the rice to stay collectively. That is uncommon in Australia, I’ve solely used it a handful of instances, all the time from speciality shops or markets. And I’ve additionally learn that it’s widespread for brief(ish) medium grain rice to be labelled “quick grain rice”. Most sushi retailers in Australia seem to make use of medium grain brown rice;

  • Medium grain brown rice (beneath left) – barely longer than quick grain, this can be a nice all rounder that’s barely stickier than lengthy grain, however not as sticky as quick grain (simply sticky sufficient to make sushi rolls). Commonest rice kind in Australia;

  • Lengthy grain – longer nonetheless, cooks up fluffy and doesn’t stick collectively as a lot (although it nonetheless does a bit). Superb for salads (suppose – tossing with dressing); and

  • Basmati (beneath proper) – the least sticky of all of them! Historically from the Indian sub-continent so supreme with all issues curry in addition to Center Japanese meals.

Raw brown rice
When to make use of which rice?

When used cooked – like serving with stir fries, or in rice salads and rice soups – the kind of brown rice doesn’t actually matter aside from issues like sushi when the rice wants to stay collectively (use quick grain).

Nevertheless, it does matter when raw rice is utilized in a recipe as a result of the cook dinner time and liquid quantities required is dependent upon the kind of brown rice used. The recipe creator ought to (hopefully!) specify which sort of rice to make use of.

Professional tip: you get what you pay for

Not all rice is created equal. In case you purchase economical house-brand rice, it won’t style pretty much as good because the premium manufacturers. That is significantly prevalent with basmati rice – the cheaper manufacturers will all the time style extra “crumbly” and virtually watery, whereas premium high quality has a a lot definitive, nice texture and flavour. This is applicable to each white and brown rice.

I’m in Australia and I sometimes use SunRice (Australia’s largest rice producer) which is an excellent high quality for on a regular basis functions.

Bowl of freshly cooked brown rice

What to make with brown rice

Ahh, the chances in your newfound perfectly-cooked-brown-rice life!! To smother in stir fries, make fried rice, rice salads (this one or this fabulous new one), and the a whole lot of recipes on my web site that finish with the phrases “serve with rice”.

Mainly, anytime a recipe requires utilizing or serving with cooked white rice, change it out with brown rice for the added well being advantages and flavour!

Close up of Brown Rice Salad ready to be served
Mediterranean Brown Rice Salad with contemporary dill and coriander/cilantro and a shiny lemon dressing. It’s so, so good!
Plate of Fried Rice made with brown rice
Fried Brown Rice – made utilizing my traditional Fried Rice recipe however modified the add ins (simply egg and random veg I had)

PRO TIP: Fried rice is wonderful made with brown rice as a result of the grains are just a little firmer than white rice so that you don’t even must refrigerate in a single day! I’ve fairly a couple of so that you can select from:

FRIED RICE RECIPES to make utilizing brown rice

Additionally, for those who clicked on the brown rice testing matrix and are questioning what on earth I did with all that rice (particularly the various batches of mushy rice!), it simply so occurs that Dozer’s home made pet food consists of smooth cooked brown rice so all of it went to him!

That’s why I didn’t thoughts experimenting – as a result of I knew none would go to waste. As a toddler, we had been scolded for leaving a single grain of rice in my bowl. “A rice farmer picked that along with his naked fingers!” my mom would inform us, guilting us into respecting each grain of rice.

I do suppose that even again then, the farmers had just a little assist from equipment. 😂 However it was nonetheless a lesson properly realized! – Nagi

Why brown rice is healthier for you

Brown rice has extra diet than white rice which is generally simply empty carbs. Throughout milling, the hull of rice grains is eliminated to make white rice. This hull is left on for brown rice, and it accommodates bran and germ that accommodates fibre, nutritional vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, all of that are good-for-you diet.

Watch easy methods to make it

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Close up of perfectly cooked fluffy brown rice

Learn how to cook dinner brown rice


Faucet or hover to scale

Recipe video above. The very best technique and cook dinner time for actually fluffy, completely cooked brown rice is dependent upon what kind of brown rice you’ve got. Do you know that basmati rice cooks in lower than half the time as lengthy grain brown rice?BEFORE YOU START: Decide what rice you’ve got and skim the “Earlier than You Begin” within the notes beneath.BIGGEST TIP – skip the absorption technique (excessive threat of gluey) and ignore the packet instructions!! Servings: 1 cup raw brown rice makes 3 cups cooked rice which can serve 3 folks.


Will NOT work for / not but examined:


Boil and Drain:

  • Boil water: Convey water to a boil in a small pot or massive saucepan over excessive warmth.

  • Boil rice: Add rice, then boil rice till simply cooked, a tiny bit firmer than you need (it will get softer throughout Relaxation step). Use these instances as a information (Observe 3):– Medium and lengthy grain rice: half-hour– Basmati rice: 12 minutes (1st verify) to 14 minutes
  • Drain VERY properly (key tip! Observe 4): Drain rice in a colander, shaking the pot properly to take away as a lot water as you may, and shaking the colander to take away extra water from the rice. Pot ought to steam dry from residual warmth.

  • Relaxation: Return rice to now-dry pot. Put lid on and put it again on the turned off range. Go away for 10 minutes.

  • Fluff and serce: Fluff rice with fork and serve.

Baked Rice:

  • Preheat oven to 180°C/350°F (all oven sorts).

  • Mix rice and water: Pour rice and boiling water right into a 20cm/8″ sq. pan or spherical casserole pot. Cowl with lid or foil.

  • Bake 1 hour quarter-hour.

  • Relaxation, fluff & serve: Take away from oven, stand 10 minutes then fluff with fork and serve.

Recipe Notes:

1 cup raw brown rice = 2 3/4 cup cooked = 2 to three servings.
a) Establish what kind of brown rice you’ve got. In case you have no idea, use the photographs within the submit to match your rice grain. If you’re nonetheless not sure, use the Boil and Drain Technique and begin checking rice doneness from 12 minutes – it’s probably the most universally secure technique;
b) Decide the cooking technique primarily based on rice kind by wanting on the components record above;
c) Rinsing – solely required to scrub for those who bought from bulk bins. In case you rinse, you MUST cut back water in baked technique. Learn Observe 5; and
d) Boil and Drain First Timers, or if utilizing a brand new kind or model of rice, all the time verify the rice (very!) early to see if it’s cooked. Rice goes from smooth to overcooked in mere minutes, and never all rices are created equal.
Brown rice kind and technique:

  • Quick grain – this sticky rice is finest baked. Boil and drain isn’t appropriate for sticky rice.
  • Medium grain – sits between sticky quick grain rice and fluffy lengthy grain rice. Boil and Drain is finest (fluffiest outcome) however baked is excellent too (helpful hands-off technique).
  • Lengthy grain and basmati – these lengthy slender grains of rice are most positively finest cooked utilizing the Boil and Drain technique for the fluffiest outcome. Baking works too, however the texture of the rice on the base finally ends up stickier than supreme, whereas the rice on the floor is nearer to what it must be.

1. Water quantity – as you scale up the recipe, you don’t must scale up the water quantity as a lot. You simply want loads of water that the rice can take up (it’s going to virtually triple in quantity) and sufficient additional effervescent water to maintain the rice bouncing round. Consider it like pasta! So for 1 cup rice, you want 8 cups water, however then for two cups of rice, you want solely 12 cups of water. And so forth.
2. Boiling water – vital to make use of boiling water to skip the time it takes for water to warmth up within the oven. In case you don’t use boiling water, the rice is simply soaking in water for 20 minutes or so till it begins cooking, and also you’ll find yourself with soggy rice (in addition to rising cook dinner time).
3. Why do it’s important to verify early when boiling? As a result of I’ve discovered that from model to model, the right cook dinner time can differ. It’s totally irritating! However there appears to be no common commonplace for brown rice grain sizes, and rice can go from excellent to overcooked in mere minutes. So the golden rule is – CHECK EARLY!
(And when you’ve perfected your most well-liked rice model, you’ll know the right boil time – stick it in your fridge!).
4. Extra water – shaking off extra water from rice and pouring out each drop of water from the pot so it steams dry in seconds with the residual warmth are two key ideas for excellent rice utilizing the Boil and Drain technique. If the rice is soggy or if the bottom of the pot is roofed in water once you return the rice to the pot, it’s going to take up that water and find yourself over bloated.
Resting rice after cooking is particularly important for Boil and Drain as a result of the rice is “moist” straight out of the pot. In the course of the resting section, the water on every rice grain will get absorbed into the rice, leaving you with excellent rice grains!
5. Rinsing rice – You don’t must rinse brown rice for it to be fluffy with these cook dinner strategies. You solely must rinse if you’re involved about cleanness – eg for those who bought from bulk bins.
Learn how to rinse rice: Place rice in bowl, fill with water, swish till murkey, drain, repeat 3 extra instances. Water won’t ever be absolutely clear. In case you rinse, DO NOT go away rice soaking in water earlier than cooking, it’s going to have an effect on the cook dinner time (soaked rice cooks sooner). The truth is, it’s best to rinse instantly previous to cooking.
In case you rinse rice, REDUCE water in Baked Technique by 1/4 cup (65 ml).
6. Diet per serving, assuming 1 cup of raw rice serves 3 folks.

Diet Data:

Energy: 229cal (11%)Carbohydrates: 48g (16%)Protein: 5g (10%)Fats: 2g (3%)Saturated Fats: 1g (6%)Sodium: 10mgPotassium: 170mg (5%)Fiber: 2g (8%)Calcium: 26mg (3%)Iron: 1mg (6%)

Extra Life-Important Rice recipes

As a result of no person likes mushy rice…no person!

Lifetime of Dozer

I went looking for a photograph of Dozer’s home made meals combine which incorporates smooth cooked mushy brown rice (the right use for all of the failed batches of brown rice!). That is the one one I might discover  – from that point I used to be placing his bowl collectively and a little bit of his meals flew into my mouth!! 😂


For many who have an interest, right here is his home made pet food recipe, however please don’t use it with out consulting your personal specialist or doing your personal analysis as a result of I’m not an professional (solely an professional on Dozer’s meals!).

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