Life Hacks Unleashed: How You Can Weaponize Your Flight Or Flight Mode Each Day


Life Hacks Unleashed: How You Can Weaponize Your Flight Or Flight Mode Each Day

You’re taking a brief lower by way of a darkish and abandoned alley if you spot a big, cumbersome determine coming in direction of you in the other way. 

A co-worker who’s recognized to be aggressive turns up in your cubicle and begins pounding in your desk. 

It’s midnight and also you hear one thing crashing to the ground within the subsequent room. 

In all these conditions, your response is identical: Struggle or Flight. 

Do you wish to flip and run the opposite means again up the alley, or stroll confidently on? 

Will you shut your laptop down and flee to the washroom, or will you arise and ask the man, “What appears to be the issue?”

Is your first intuition to cower beneath the blankets or go to the door and shout, “What’s that noise?”

What Is The Struggle or Flight Response?

We could have learn or heard about this psycho-physical response, and picture it to be an intense, dramatic state. Nonetheless, in most conditions, you your self could not notice that you just’re within the battle or flight mode. 

This is among the oldest human nervous system responses that goes again to our earliest ancestors. They had been laborious wired to be on the alert always to fend off predators, enemies and different risks. They wanted to be consistently vigilant to guard themselves and others within the group. As we developed, this response stayed kind of the best way it was although at the moment it will not be as adaptive because it was initially meant to be. 

Typically, the response is triggered within the face of a perceived menace, or an imagined scenario. You meet somebody new and instantly dislike them, or somebody makes an insulting comment, you’re arguing with a good friend in regards to the political scene and the dialogue will get acrimonious. In these eventualities too, your system may reply with the battle or flight response. 

Physiology of Struggle or Flight

There’s no proper or incorrect response. 

Your response will depend on a wide range of issues: how critical you understand the menace to be, earlier experiences, and your personal temperament. 

However inside your physique, the reactions are the identical as your system prepares itself for both alternative. 

This response was first described by Walter Cannon in 1915 and he coined the time period “battle or flight.” Right this moment there are different totally different phrases used equivalent to acute stress response, hyperarousal, freeze or fawn and extra. 

It’s triggered by a stimulus to the sympathetic nervous system, and the medulla a part of the mind releases a wide range of hormones that may:

  • Enhance coronary heart charge and blood strain
  • Increase respiration
  • Dilate the pupils
  • Set off urinary response in some folks
  • Trigger blood movement diverted from different components to muscle mass 
  • Enhance blood glucose
  • Ramp up muscle tone
  • Velocity up blood clotting

There are concurrent emotional reactions equivalent to aggression, concern or nervousness, and perceived management over the scenario resulting in threat taking behaviors. The nervous system compels the particular person to freeze, collapse, strategy or keep away from, assess the scenario based mostly on previous historical past, and stay arrested in a state of alert.

Professionals and Cons

The notion of a menace, actual or imagined, is what triggers the battle or flight response. It helps to guard you towards imminent hazard and be sure that your physique stays primed for each actions. 

As soon as the menace is deemed to have handed, the parasympathetic nervous system takes over. That is the Relaxation and Digest response and it’s complementary to Struggle or Flight. This second system’s accountability is to convey the physique again to equilibrium and stability. No organism can survive in a continuing state of alertness, as a result of many important capabilities equivalent to digestion are placed on maintain. The presence of hormones within the blood, raised very important parameters and feeling of stress may be extraordinarily dangerous in the long term. 

The parasympathetic nervous system helps to:

  • Resume salivation, lung secretions and tear manufacturing
  • Digestion and defecation
  • Decrease the guts charge
  • Resume sexual operate
  • Really feel extra relaxed
  • Flush out the battle or flight hormones
  • Regulate respiratory and decrease blood strain and glucose

Nonetheless, you will need to decode what triggers the battle or flight and the remainder and digest response. You possibly can educate your self on the character of responses inside your physique. With out a point of self-awareness, your physique may develop a variety of dangerous situations equivalent to bronchial asthma, diabetes, cardiac issues, stroke, auto-immune situations and extra. 

Weaponizing The Struggle or Flight Response

In lots of conditions, the menace isn’t actual nor does it name for an excessive response. Nonetheless, the physique’s response is computerized and involuntary, and is designed to deal with situations in anticipation of a menace. 

Extended publicity to Struggle or Flight is termed as Allostatic Overload and it may possibly enhance the stress ranges in your physique. In actual phrases, it can lead to spontaneous abortion, cardiovascular points, cognitive decline and better mortality charges. 

Coaching your self to acknowledge each these responses helps to channelize the vitality in the suitable means. 

It makes you a greater and sooner responder in instances of menace. When you perceive the physio-neuro-psychological workings of your system, you can also make sooner and extra correct selections. 

It lets you accurately assess challenges and give you the suitable response. In lots of circumstances, it evokes feelings equivalent to braveness, plan-preparation, or delayed ache response. There are 3 essential phases in battle or flight:

  • Alarm or Alert the place your system senses an actual or perceived menace and a surge of vitality flows into the physique
  • Resistance the place the menace element has handed however your physique nonetheless stays primed for motion
  • Exhaustion which is a results of unabated, uninterrupted battle or flight, the place the physique can not keep the alert state with out succumbing to break. 

With weaponization: 

You study to reply from different components of the mind such because the frontal lobe as a substitute of the amygdala. Easy tips to channelize the battle or flight response embody:

  • Physique consciousness: Take your thoughts to your physique’s reactions, and really feel the earth beneath your toes. 
  • Deep Respiratory: helps to decelerate the guts charge and calm your self down emotionally. 
  • Journaling: Keep a journal the place you document your physique and thoughts reactions in numerous conditions helps to create extra consciousness and reminiscence. 
  • Rest aids: Use a wide range of rest and calming merchandise and strategies out there at respected websites equivalent to This helps to “outsource” the issue and use out there and reliable help to activate the remainder and digest response. 
  • You may also use varied herbs, flowers or important oils which might be recognized to revive calmness. It’s sensible to get skilled and trusted assist in these areas. 
  • Numerous strategies and practices equivalent to yoga, biofeedback, autogenic coaching, deep respiratory and meditation, listening to stress-free music, growing a pleasurable and non-competitive pastime and delicate train equivalent to strolling are different methods to manage your sympathetic nervous system and be sure that it will get activated solely when completely mandatory. 


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