What Makes Voter Ink So Tough to Take away?

Elections 2024: The voter ink or the indelible ink can keep on a voter’s finger wherever between 2 to 30 days. Here is what it’s product of!

With the start of the 2024 Lok Sabha election, here’s a mind-boggling reality for you. Have you ever ever puzzled why the voter ink stays for thus lengthy? 

The purple color ink that’s placed on an individual’s finger as soon as they have voted is made up of three parts — chemical compounds, dyes, and a particular compound silver nitrate. The ink is utilized on the finger to keep away from duplication of votes.

As soon as the ink touches the floor of our pores and skin, the silver nitrate reacts with the pure salts in our physique and turns into silver chloride. This response occurs in simply 40 seconds! As soon as the silver chloride is shaped, it will probably’t be washed away with water and might stay on the pores and skin for two to 30 days. 

The quantity of silver nitrate within the ink is between 7 to 25 % however the precise quantity isn’t revealed by the federal government. Also called the indelible ink, it was first made by the Nationwide Bodily Laboratory in Delhi. 

The only real producer of the ink has been Mysore Paints and Varnish Restricted. Based on a report in The Occasions of India, the Election Fee has ordered greater than 26 lakh vials for the election season.

The report states {that a} single vile of 10 mg can cowl as many as 700 voters. A report by First Submit states that the price of shopping for this ink is Rs 55 crore. 

(Edited by Padmashree Pande)

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