20 Dairy-Free Recipes So Good You Will not Be Wistful for Lactose


Being Asian, I all the time thought of myself pretty fortunate to not have grown up lactose-intolerant. Heck, my first actual paying job was scooping ice cream at Baskin-Robbins, and as a pastry chef, I cherished developing with new flavors of ice cream. Flash ahead a number of many years and I am popping Lactaid tablets even earlier than I begin melting the cheese on my burger. Consequently, I am all the time on the hunt for excellent dairy-free choices that do not make me really feel like I am lacking out on one thing.

It may be an actual problem to create dairy-free dishes that fulfill on all fronts—notably in the case of classics and luxury meals like pasta carbonara, Philly cheesesteak, cream of mushroom soup, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate mousse. However lots of our recipes make revolutionary use of avocado, cauliflower, olive oil, and almond milk to duplicate the flavour and texture of dairy-based favorites akin to creamed spinach. So, no matter dairy-free recipes you are searching for—entrees, sides, snacks, or desserts—we have got you lined.


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